Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's Good, DMV?

This is the future location of my upcoming blog - What's Good, DMV? In which I travel to a new metro stop every couple of weeks and explore the area. I've lived a large chunk of my life in the DMV (including being born here) and I know there are places I know nothing about.

This will change!

Every stop is going to get an overview of the local businesses, the history of the neighborhood, and the interesting people I meet along the way. I'll give shout-outs to bloggers I meet, dogs I see, and pokestops that were particularly plentiful (no joke, this whole thing may be a cover for getting more pokemon, but I assume eventually I will get tired of Pokemon and I will still have this blog!)

I think I will start with four posts per stop, posting twice a week. If this schedule isn't working for me, I'll change it.

I will start with Takoma Park, as that is where I am currently calling home. I'm going to have the first post up Sept 8th!

Come back and check it out!

In the mean time, if you are curious about more of my writing, please check out my travel log from when I was in Saudi Arabia:; or my blog from when I lived in Korea:; or my writing blog: